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GNSS Simulator from Syntony

Astos Solutions is acting as reseller of Syntony’s Constellator in Germany. Moreover the Constellator is offered in combination with the AOCS SCOE.

The Syntony Constellator offers the following features:

  • 128 channels (extensible) delivering high quality satellite signals on 6 distinct frequencies
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing at 10 to 100Hz refresh rates
  • Extensive simulation options
    • Full time and location control
    • Receiver trajectories with extreme dynamics
    • Background noise, interference & jamming. Spoofing (2 units)
    • Atmospheric propagation errors
    • Satellite errors
    • Multipath and obscuration
    • On-the-fly scenario modification

Syntony Constellator
Syntony Constellator (courtesy Syntony)