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Graphical Environment for Simulation and Optimization

GESOP is the software system for trajectory analysis of dynamic systems governed by a set of nonlinear differential equations, associated boundary conditions, path constraints and cost functions. GESOP includes several different optimization techniques: the direct collocation methods TROPIC and SOCS (licensed from The Boeing Company), and the multiple shooting method PROMIS and the hybrid optimizer CAMTOS, which allows the selection of multiple shooting and collocation in each phase. An initial guess generator and a simulation program together with evaluation tools complete the software package.

GESOP combines all this together in a graphical user interface which supports all user activities. Only the program code of the optimization problem has to be written in Fortran 77, Ada 95, C or Matlab outside this environment. Also Simulink models can be optimized after they have been exported using the Real-Time Workshop. GESOP saves time in solving your problems. The Parameter and Grid Inspector as well as the Tools Inspector will convince you.

GESOP opens you the road to optimization, as it is not necessary any more to learn complicated tools running controlled through scripts. A much larger group of engineers will be able to use optimization. Have a look at all the features of GESOP, the way of setting up and solving optimization problems.