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Our products are dedicated to wide a variety of applications. Please identify your interests and needs and our related products in the table below.

Topics by TasksSubtopicProduct
Mission and Spacecraft DesignTrajectory optimizationASTOS
Launch vehicle performance and trajectoryASTOS
Launch vehicle design with flexible body dynamics and load case dependencyASTOS
Launcher GNC sizing and simulationASTOS
Multiple payload deploymentASTOS
Re-entry vehicle designASTOS
Satellite design incl. clean space aspectsASTOS
Space roboticsASTOS
Space mechanicsDCAP
Low thrust orbit transfer, Electric propulsion orbit raisingLOTOS, ASTOS, POINT
Orbit manoeuvre optimizationASTOS
Interplanetary and moon transfer trajectoriesPOINT, ASTOS
Gravitational modellingcontact us
Magnetic field identificationGAMAG, GAMAX
Magnetic field compensationGAMAG
Magnetic cleanlinessGAMAG, GAMAX
Mission Performance AnalysisSubsystem budget determinationASTOS
Lifetime predictionASTOS
Illumination conditionscontact us
Drag and solar sail propagationVESTA
Launchability analysis and launcher selectioncontact us
System Concept AnalysisPower systemASTOS
Data systemASTOS
Thermal systemASTOS
GNC and AOCS design and simulationASTOS
Pointing error engineeringPEET
Interplanetary navigation contact us
GNSS performanceASTOS
Software ValidationMIL, PIL, HILASTOS
Ground Support EquipmentGNC/AOCS SCOE with dSPACE® hardware components ASTOS
Raw data sensor emulationCamSim
Real-time visualization of simulation information during e.g. GNC simulationVESTA