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Astos Solutions offers you a variety of optimization and simulation tools:

  • Our generic Optimization and Simulation environment GESOP is suitable for all kind of engineers and scientists. Its flexible model interface enables fast and easy model integration. Its graphical interface gives full control over all grids, optimization and simulation parameters, and results.
  • ASTOS is an aerospace optimization tool for launcher and reentry missions. It solves aerospace problems in a fraction of the time needed in comparison to other software available. The completely data driven interface, the automatic initial guesses and the GESOP user interface makes this possible.
  • Optimization experts will benefit of the stand-alone sparse optimizer SOCS (licensed by The Boeing Company). Numerous configuration parameters help to handle even very sophisticated and large problems.

Our tools GESOP and ASTOS make optimization attractive for a large group of engineers. You do not have to be an expert in optimization to benefit from the advantages of GESOP/ASTOS.

The graphical user interface of GESOP/ASTOS supports all activities in the optimization methods. Two kinds of up-to-date optimizers / NLP-solvers (SOCS and SNOPT) present best opportunities to solve your special problem.

Do not concern yourself with building new optimization software. Trust our many years of experience in optimization. Try GESOP/ASTOS for solving your optimization problems efficiently. The power of GESOP and ASTOS is greater than you may think.

Optimization versus Simulation

The advantage of our optimization tools, against any other simulation tool is that they compute the optimal control time history for a specific objective function (e.g. maximum payload) under consideration of any constraint. This will result in a much higher objective function value, e.g a higher payload. Using such optimization techniques shows the real capabilities of your dynamic system. And only then, comparison of subcomponent capabilities makes sense. Simulation tools often use some limited optimization approaches for control laws and other parameters. This is the point, where our software starts with optimization and where other tools call it already "optimal".

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