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Output Example of a Class 3 Amateur Rocket Analysis

During the Sony rocket project we computed the nominal and not nominal flight profile in order to support Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation to fill in the authorization waiver.

Test Case

The ASTOS test case is inside a gtp folder (e.g. rocket.gtp) that includes all the required files that are read by the graphical interface of our software.

Class 3 rocket model inside ASTOS

Textual Output

Nominal impact positions:

  • Sustainer with parachute = 40.8403 N, 119.1948 W;
  • Booster with parachute = 40.7911 N, 119.1573 W;
  • Sustainer ballistic = 41.0238 N, 119.0845 W;
  • Booster ballistic = 40.8443 N, 119.1372 W.

Nominal altitudes and ranges:

  • Highest payload altitude above see level = 44.474 km at 99.22 seconds;
  • Highest booster altitude above see level = 5.398 km;
  • Max range sustainer with parachute = 12.448 km;
  • Max range booster with parachute = 8.876 km;
  • Max range sustainer ballistic (no parachute) = 35.117 km;
  • Max range booster ballistic (no parachute) = 2.503 km;
For the non-nominal computations similar outputs are provided.

Graphical Output

The flight profile, impacts areas within three sigma standard deviation as well as the dynamic stability is displayed through ASTOS screenshots. A textual version of this data (e.g. the impact positions with dispersions) is also provided.

Nominal trajectory of the no wind simulation (red) and with wind (blue)

Three standard deviation of the ballistic and parachute impacts for the nominal trajectory

Angle of attack profile (with zoom of first seconds) during the ascent trajectory

Body attitude rate profiles during the ascent trajectory