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We offer you an extensive service in conjunction with our software products ASTOS and GESOP. Check out our five standard services below. Please get in contact with us. We are open to all your suggestions and extra wishes.


Guidance development for winged and capsule reentry vehicles, e.g. Hopper, CapRee and X38, enabling high precision landing while considering all applicable constraints.


Control systems design of dynamic systems:
  • Attitude and orbit control of space- and aircrafts, which are assumed to be inelastic.
  • Control system design using multi-disciplinary modelling, e.g. for aeroelastic controllers, which consider the correlation between structure-mechanical distorsion and stationary and instationary aerodynamic forces and moments.
  • Autonomous aircraft control.

Safety Analyses

Comprehensive support for vehicle and mission safety assessments:

Class 3 Amateur Rockets FAA Waiver Application

Computation of the required data to fill in the Federal Aviation Administration application waiver for a Class 3 rocket. Read more...