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AeroSpace Trajectory Optimization Software

ASTOS contains - as an extension to GESOP - an extensive user library of aerospace vehicle differential equations for 3-DOF and 6-DOF, aerospace vehicle boundary and path constraints and cost functions. Using the ASTOS library a multitude of launch- and reentry vehicles and missions can be modeled solely by data input such that a user does not have to code anything. Advanced mission analysis is possible through the export filter to STK. As templates, several vehicles and missions are provided. For instance for

  • conventional and advanced multi-stage launch vehicles into any target orbits with single and dual payloads including the possibility for "neighboring" vehicle design.
  • reentry vehicle reference trajectory design from low to high L/D vehicles. In connection with a 6-DOF formulation a globally valid base controller is provided.
  • orbit transfer missions
  • all missions can include optimized branched trajectories
  • structural, propulsive, and aerodynamic data for Ariane 44LP, Ariane 5, Saenger and other launchers are available.

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