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Evaluation of Our Software

Download a Trial or a Free Academic Version

We offer you a free-of-charge, time-limited trial version for Windows and Linux. We also offer free-or-charge software licenses to universities. Our software products are protected by the FLEXERA FlexNet Publisher license manager. Node-locked and floating licenses are available. Both require an activation of the software after installation.

Since the export of our ASTOS software is restricted by German export authorities we cannot grant any academic or trial license for this software to companies or universities outside the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Students will not get download permissions or a license directly. Their tutors should create an account using an official university email address. Download rights and licenses will be sent to the tutor address.

Purchase Our Software Products

We are selling our software products to industrial organizations including support hotline and an on-site tutorial and training session. Please ask us for product prices.

Our software is available free-of-charge for university institutes, but without support.

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