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File Description Size Published
flyer_scoe.pdf ASTOS for AOCS Testing and Check Out application flyer. 2MB 2017-04-10
flyer_dcap.pdf Dynamic and Control Analysis Package (DCAP) product flyer: DCAP simulates and analyses the dynamics of coupled rigid and flexible structural systems. 1MB 2017-03-24
flyer_lotos.pdf Low-Thrust Orbit Transfer Trajectory Optimization Software (LOTOS; formerly LTOTO) product flyer. 3MB 2015-10-23
flyer_astos.pdf Analysis, Simulation and Trajectory Optimization Software for Space Applications (ASTOS) product flyer. 6MB 2015-10-23
Astos_Solutions_Flyer.pdf Astos Solutions company flyer 3MB 2015-10-23
flyer_camerasim.pdf Camera Simulator product flyer: the simulator generates photo-realistic images for real-time applications. 109kB 2014-10-09
flyer_peet.pdf Pointing Error Engineering Tool (PEET) product flyer. 116kB 2014-10-08
flyer_gesop.pdf Graphical Environment for Simulation and Optimisation (GESOP) product flyer. 90kB 2014-10-08
flyer_sos.pdf Sparse Optimisation Suite (SOS) product flyer. 96kB 2014-10-08
flyer_gamag.pdf Spacecraft Magnetostatic Cleanliness Modelling Software (GAMAG) product flyer. 131kB 2014-10-08

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